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Very excited to have written two new vocal pieces for soprano Claron McFadden which will be included in the film SYMMETRY. The film is directed by Ruben van Leer and also stars the dancer/choreographer Lukas Timulak.

STREAM MACHINES, The new CD release from Henry Vega presents a body of works from the chamber repertoire that is unique in language and style, giving us his vision for music that identifies with contemporary emotions and intelectual ramblings.

Released by ARTEksounds, click here

see Automata Angels

Exploring Futurism With Henry Vega's Wormsongs

an article by Dana Wen

Henry Vega


Vega has won first place at the Cage 1, 2, 3 composition competition with the piece 'The Infinite Land' from the Wormsongs cycle, performed by Vega and singer Anat Spiegel.

The competition took place in Lublin, Dec. 8th 2012

Announcing the release of a new project CD called WORMSONGS with music composed by Vega and performed with the brilliant Anat Spiegel.

Eight songs inspired by social futurism set to voice and electronic sound in a highly original production.

available via iTunes or PayPal

see Wormsongs

Wormsongs is a new hour-long performance of music for voice, electronics and live visuals by Henry Vega with Anat Spiegel and Emmanuel Flores.