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For the short-film Symmetry by director Ruben van Leer I wrote two vocal pieces for the soprano Claron McFadden as well as a solo electronic dance piece.

I was very drawn to the project from the beginning, partly because of the director whose cinematography I found to be meticulous, clear and futuristic but I also felt a strong common ground with the subject of the film. The story of the film follows a scientist and the conflict he has with following his renaissance type of knowledge while discovering and accepting spiritual knowledge. In the film both are true but historically we have separated them as if one or the other invalidated the other. The film poetically answers this in its own way
1.Oh! Please come with me
2.Can you love it more...?
3.CERN Dance
The vocal parts were composed for soprano Claron McFadden whose precise sound was ideal for the vocal refractions that accompany her in the electronic score. The rigidness of the individual tones she sings are broken as she bends between pitches up and down in restrained emotion. The accompanying computer pulses are contrasted by the imprecise beating of bells reflecting on mathematical precision co-existing nicely with the human experience, pointing towards the essence of the film : That traditional and spiritual knowledge are complimentary.

Adelaide Dance Festival  Mercury Cinema - Adelaide - AUS
Jul 19th 2018
Claron McFadden
Symmetry Film   NPO2 - The Netherlands
Aug 13th 2015
Claron McFadden
Cinedans Festival  EYE Museum - Amsterdam - NL
Mar 14th 2015
Claron McFaden
Claron and Friends  Splendor - Amsterdam - NL
Nov 24th 2014
Claron McFadden