The Electronic Hammer
. : improvisations with percussion and 2 computers
: . : .

In 2004 the Electronic Hammer came together for the first time to play with the intentions of forming a trio for a new generation of listeners and artists. The group was formed by Diego Espinosa (percussions), Henry Vega (computer) and Juan Parra (computer) in The Netherlands with an unusual lineup meant to reflect the new trends in music and technology.

Since coming together as a trio, the group has performed at many venues in Europe and the Americas seeking not only to perform commissioned works such as those recorded on this CD but also to challenge the medium through improvisation and spontaneous music making.
past performances
Electric Gardens Tour The Electronic Hammer
Nov 21st 2010
Apr 9th 2009
LOOS Foundation The Electronic Hammer
Nov 16th 2008
May 27th 2007
May 22nd 2007
Sep 8th 2006
Montevideo Percussion Festival The Electronic Hammer
Sep 6th 2006
Sono e Imagenes Festival The Electronic Hammer
Aug 24th 2006
Fundacion Teatro Sucre The Electronic Hammer
Aug 22nd 2006
Festival Punto Aparte The Electronic Hammer
Jun 16th 2006
Visonic Festival The Electronic Hammer
May 29th 2006
Mar 29th 2006
Dec 15th 2005
The Gulf Tour The Electronic Hammer
Mar 29th 2004
Feb 26th 2004
DisTronics Festival The Electronic Hammer
Jan 30th 2004
Jan 19th 2004
IJSbreker Concert The Electronic Hammer
Nov 13th 2003
STEIM vs. KonCon The Electronic Hammer
Sep 25th 2003
Digital Arts Fx (DAFx) 03 The Electronic Hammer
Sep 9th 2003