Iminami an electronic music theatre
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Iminami by the Spy Collective is an exciting work which pushes the boundaries of installation-theatre through its use of technology to create an interactive blend of drama, electronic music, dance and live video.

The theme of Iminami takes on the phenomenon of memory and its frailty as the basis for a retelling of the Mexican taboo story of La Llorona. This story is universal and similar accounts of a mother who murders her children can be found in most cultures. These women have appeared throughout history leaving us not only shocked but also scared in the folklore of mankind through songs, sculptures and legends.

The performance begins as the audience congregates in the lobby where a child oracle reads from her book stories from the past, stories from the future of a legend that is so ancient that the original tale is distorted out of our memories. In small groups the audience is conducted through three chambers where they encounter a female protagonist who performs materials based on these myths.

The Spy Collective is a multimedia group made up of singer/performer Anat Spiegel, choreogapher Georg Hobmeir, composer Henry Vega and visual artist and stage designer Leo Lass. This multimedia collective holds technological discoveries and historical awareness as central components of their creative work, always searching for the place where these two converge into our modern culture.

photos by Leo Lass

Iminami was commisioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst (NL) and Arge Kultur (AT) and made possible through residencies at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (UK), STEIM (NL) and the City of Salzburg.
past performances
November Music Festival The Spycollective
Nov 14th 2010
Musica Electronica Nova The Spy Collective
May 12th 2009
Musica Electronica Nova The Spycollective
May 11th 2009
Dragons Den Award performance Spy Collective
Feb 9th 2008
Dragons Den Award performance Spy Collective
Feb 8th 2008
Argekultur Spy Collective
Jun 7th 2007
Argekultur Spy Collective
Jun 6th 2007