. . for percussion and two computers


ARTEksounds ART002 2013

Soon after discovering the television as a child in New York City, I was quickly drawn to another device, the Atari game console. This simple device played like a prophet to my fresh senses. Then there was the Japanese girl who introduced me to this instrument. The rest is history. I play in an amorphic trio with two Latin Americans and the gadgets of my past appear in my present like a mobile phone going off in someone else's pocket.

In Izumi the two computers are linked via a wireless network where they play a musical game of noises that accompanies the percussion. The game itself is very basic and the actions are decided by a simple rule that the computer follows delivering cues accordingly and gently processing the sound of the percussion.

This piece was created at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast and premiered at the Musica Electronica Nova festival in Wroclaw Poland, 2007.

past performances
InnerSound Festival Bart de Vrees
Sep 20th 2014
Hammer Concert The Electronic Hammer
Jan 26th 2009
Aug 28th 2008
Foundation Logos The Electronic Hammer
Apr 30th 2008
Jauna Muzika The Electronic Hammer
Apr 26th 2008
Super Collider Symposium The Electronic Hammer
Sep 20th 2007
Musica Electronica Nova The Electronic Hammer
May 24th 2007