Nine Volt Motion
. . cello and computer

The piece is based on a 'give and take' between the instruments. Here the discussion between cello and computer about asymmetry and symmetry, melody and rhyme comes and goes with each instrument making their case, defending it and conceding at times to the musical debtate. The cello seems to search the registers for the right answer from her cold significant-other while at times it swings and dances to a speculative groove.

I was inspired by the way technology captures nature and shows it to us in its own vocabulary, like when an animal documentary flickers on the screen when there was a bad reception. Aparats have their own pallette, and forcing them to reproduce life as WE see it seemed to me to miss the opportunity of opening the language of life a little deeper.

Nine Volt is a study of language and tries to romance the audience with its new prose and new freshness. It sings and sweeps through pulses and frozen songs and makes a case for the future.

past performances
May 22nd 2019
Buchmann-Mehta School of Music Ilya Ziblat & Dan Weinstein
May 21st 2019
Works for cello, elect. & video Dan Weinstein / Ilya Ziblat
Mar 17th 2018
Feb 5th 2017
Oita Prefectural Art Museum Jan Willem Troost
Jan 14th 2017
Electronic Party Mutu Ensemble
Dec 7th 2016
meetingpoints Modelo 62
May 8th 2015
meetingpoints Modelo 62
May 7th 2015