Phantom Carriage
. . silent film soundtrack

In 2017 Anat Spiegel and I were invited to create a live soundtrack to be performed to the silent film The Phantom Carriage (1921 - Victor Sjöström) . The resulting score was premiered at the Sounds of Silence Film Festival in Den Haag. The score was a mixture of written pieces, improvisations and semi-composed pieces which follow the many time leaps and realities that stitch the movie together.

The instrumentation is guitar and voice for Spiegel and computer with extended guitar fo Vega. Although the moods of the compositions vary between song-like and modern music they are connected by a long shared history of performing together for each others compositions.

past performances
Jan 17th 2018
Sounds of Silence Anat Spiegel & Henry Vega
Feb 25th 2017