. . Music for dance, piano and electronics

This is a love letter for Handel. Its eye-rolling but its the truth, Im a huge fan and this project called for it. It called for working with a baroque piece of music that would then clash with a modern piece, mine, but then it became part composition, part sound design, part thank you to George.

The two pieces then became intertwied where the ghostly essence of the piece joined the two, while the piano entered, seamlesly into Handels world, and then back again to take us on its own route.

Music for the dance performance TWO choreographed by Lukas Timulak for the Slovak National Theatre. Olga Chelpanova and Adrian Szelle, dancers. Boris Hanecka, costume design.

past performances
Fashion Ballet 22 Lukas Timulak
Jun 21st 2022
Fashion Ballet 22 Lukas Timulak
May 27th 2022
Fashion Ballet 22 Lukas Timulak
May 26th 2022