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In progress 2016 - 2017 !!

Secretly is a 60 minute Opera-style performance for actor, three voices (also acting), cello quartet, percussion and computer regarding the life Alan Turing.

Secretly is an operatic production which searches deeper into the character of mathematician Alan Turing, legendary for having helped crack the codes of the Enigma Machine during WWII. Turing lived a life of secrecy because of his involvement in the war but there was much else to his character that was left unknown.

Henry Vega, music
Sjaron Minailo, director

Anat Spiegel, Stephanie Pan, Stefanie Janssen - voices
Mira Hemler, actress
Jan Troost, Jaqueline Hammelink, Eduard van Regteren Altena, Jonathn Reus - cellos
Bart de Vrees - percussion

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