Slow slower
. . for harpsichord, viola da gamba, recorder and computer

Slow Slower

ARTEksounds ART002 2013

Dedicated to Karin Preslmayer, Karolina Bater and Goska Isphording, 2010. Commissioned by the Roentgen Connection and the Nederlands fonds voor de podiumkunsten

Slow slower was conceived as a piece to listen to in my car. In my younger days the car was where I did most of my thinking, taking long drives through Miami and ultimately out west and into the Everglades where city lights slowly become less frequent until the car lights and the sick moon were the only illumination.

The repeating metric bars written for the trio change often and quickly and obscure the downbeat, hoping to leave only a general driving pulse over which the trios uneven patterns operate. The computer here orchestrates harmonic textures that move between soft and rough, glitch-like streams. The piece is visualized by this idea of streams and making changes to the stream. The piece develops by playing with this idea using the trio as the source and instigator of the stream.
past performances
May Festival Sono Mania Ensemble
May 26th 2017
Blok Amsterdam Myllyla - Andres - et al
Nov 12th 2015
Eesti Muusika The Roentgen Connection
Sep 27th 2014
Looptail meets Monotak Looptail
Jan 12th 2014
MuziekPodium Roentgen Connection
Sep 26th 2010
Bethanienklooster The Roentgen Connection
Sep 19th 2010
Kikker Theatre Roentgen Connection
Sep 17th 2010
Les Meandres de la Memoire The Roentgen Connection
Apr 27th 2010
Les Meandres de la Memoire The Roentgen Connection
Apr 25th 2010