Waveform +
. . music for dance

Waverform is part of an ongoing collaboration between choreographer Georg Hobmeier and myself where we try to cross into each others discipline.

In an exploration that covers the prosthetic, the submissive, the humourous and the possesed we present a performance full of artistic statement almost forced upon the audience whose experience must balance appeasement with mutilation.

By using electrodes to contract the muscles of the dancer, the computer can be used to manipulate the performer. This in real-time as the musician/computer performer synchronizes sound events with body movements via the electrode device.

" The dynamo replaces the virgin, electricity replaces the sun, schizophonica replaces schizophrenia and potentially paraniod machines are directed outwards to shock others, the listeners. Telephone, cinema, radio, television: parallel communication and representational systems exist as alternative prosthetic devices, lures and prisons for our fears and passions. "
    - Antonin Artaud.
past performances
Casa Encendida Spy Collective
Oct 26th 2008
Casa Encendida Spy Collective
Oct 25th 2008
Tanz Festival Spy Collective
Oct 18th 2008
Salzburg Fest. Spy Collective
Oct 17th 2008
Salzburg Fest. Spy Collective
Oct 16th 2008
PVC - Tanz-Kontexte Spy Collective
Apr 13th 2008
markier dein revier Spy Collective
Nov 10th 2007
markier dein revier Spy Collective
Nov 9th 2007
Nagib Festival Spy Collective
Sep 7th 2007