Whispering Walls
. . song cycle

Commissioned by La Monnaie / De Munt Opera House in Brussels.

Whispering Walls is a set of six vocal pieces in three languages with text by Emi Komada. The set is divided between the singers by the language they sing representing the prominent spoken languages of Brussels while the theme of the stories are inspired by the centuries old theatre itself as it undergoes renovations.

Een project van - Elias Heuninck & Emi Kodama
Componist - Henry Vega
Stemmen - Emi Kodama, Ivan Ludlow, Chantal Pattyn, Anat Spiegel
Technische ontwikkeling - Luc Hanneuse
Vertalers - Emilie Syssau, Steven Tallon

past performances
Whispering Walls Spiegel - Ludlow - Pujals
Oct 21st 2015